Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Brussels! Day 1

19.Oct.11 Brussels, Grand Place 19.Oct.11 Brussels, Grand Place 19.Oct.11 Brussels, Galeries Royales
St-Hubert 19.Oct.11 Brussels, Galeries Royales
St-Hubert 19.Oct.11 Brussels 19.Oct.11 Brussels

 The Hubs had a meeting in Brussels last week. I've decided to tag-along for 3 days.
I am cheesy; one reason was to have Brussels Sprouts in Brussels. Don't you see the fun in that? Of course you do.

 At first sight, with Tintin movie posters all over the city of Brussels, we started asking ourselves if Tintin had anything to do with Belgium.
Does it?
Yes it does; Tintin is Belgian.

 First night in Brussels:
1. Walked to Grand Place. Got interviewed by a TV station, about Tintin. (The Hubs, not me. I stepped away :D)
2. Had my first Luikse waffle! Yum...
3. Didn't have Brussels Sprouts.
4. Thought Grand Place and Galeries Royales St-Hubert were really pretty.


  1. dont you know brussel sprouts are only ever eaten on Christmas day! I have not been to Brussels for years and years, have fun!

  2. here, most kids dislike brussels sprouts :-)
    but surely they all like the waffles !

  3. Aww! Look at you and that big huge yummy Waffle!

  4. WAFFLES!!!! nom nom nom nom nom.
    eating vicariously through you.

  5. Michele is Belgian too!!!

  6. I love the Halloween stuff and I knew that about Tintin - I used to market the books for a brief period!! :) xxx


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