Friday, October 28, 2011

A Red Colour Block Pullover, Oct'11.

This sweater was a Work-In-Progress since Summer'10. That's right, 2010.

I tried various self-made patterns; wanted to create a cardigan, but changed my mind. Then I worked on it for a pullover, but changed my mind.
Wanted so many other things, but kept taking it apart :D
"How many times do you want to take this apart?", asked The Hubs. I lost count. It must have been over 3 times.

Fed up with fussing with these 7 balls of yarn, I've decided to seek the pros at
I saw this Holy Grail,, and ran with it.

As I used bigger needles for thicker yarn, the result is this loose-fitting but stiff sweater. Having it loose-fitting was my aim, so I am really pleased with it, and happy to finally stop fussing over these 7 balls of wool :D

P.S. I am always creating colour-blocked sweaters, because I buy odd, leftover balls from the thrift-shop :D


  1. A new piece to take along in your suitcase ! ;-)

  2. Süsse Farben :)
    Herbst ist doch die schönste Jahreszeit zum stricken ;)

  3. Amazing to see what can be done with left-over wool! Block colour is so trendy just now as well!

  4. Great work Juanita :) Hope it keeps you warm during long winter days... oh, but with your 2 cats you probably don't really need this.. ;)

  5. It is really pretty - you are so talented hun! :) xxx


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