Friday, October 14, 2011

7 Little Things About Me

Just winding this Thursday down with a glass of wine, and Annuk surprised me with this Blog Award.
Thank you Annuk! It has been a long while since I did 'blog awards'.

This is how this award works. You have to:
- Thank and link back to the person who awarded you;
- share 7 things about yourself;
- pay it forward to 15 bloggers you like (but 3, 5 or any number is ok!);
- contact those bloggers about the award!

My 7 little things:
  1. It's my birthday today. I forget how old I am, and Time is a real meanstress because I go "+*ç&!" when I calculate my age. Soon it is 2012. Remind me that. That makes me 33 today. +*ç&. And I baked - and gave away - cupcakes. 
  2. DSC05137
  3. I am ashamed to say that I have taken - and still am taking - German lessons. But on the plus side, I am glad it is remotely similar to English and it uses alphabets. And maybe once you've experienced German, everything else is a walk in the park?
  4. I miss being in a cosmopolitan environment.
  5. I treat my cats as if they are my babies. But you all know that already, so I shall have to provide a bonus point...
  6. Don't speak to me before I've had my morning coffee. A shot of espresso with lots of foamy milk, thank you. (I am thankful for my husband.)
  7. I procrastinate. A LOT.
  8. Don't make me speak to a crowd.
  9. (My bonus point): I don't drive, as I have no sense of direction AT ALL.

Let's hear it from these lovely people that have entered my life, virtually or in reality:
... just to pick blog titles off the top of my head.

Have a good evening.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Juanita!!!!!!!!!!
    I had NO idea it was your birthday, how great!!!!
    And... you know what? I'm a LIBRA too! And my BD is on the 20th! So it's no surprise that I found so mant things we have in common!
    I don't drive either, I procrastinate a LOT too, I cannot live without coffee, and my Zoe is my baby! :)

  2. luckily you will fly into Belgium ... with the car you would never find it ... it's too tiny ;-)

  3. Happy birthday!! Hope you have a fantastic day!

  4. Hey birthday girl, many happy returns!xx

  5. Hope your birthday was great! the cupcakes look nice!

  6. Belated Happy Birthday sweetie! :) Hope you had a lovely day! :) xxx

  7. elated Happy Birthday Juanita!

    Those muffins look sooooo good. Good to know I am not the only procrastinator in "always on time, always on schedule" Switzerland :-)


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