Monday, October 24, 2011

100 Sq-Meter Allotment

14.Oct.11 BEFORE

17.Oct.11 AFTER

As you might have guessed, this 100 Sq-meter piece of land didn't get used much. Needless to say, 12 months just zoomed by.

Much like moving out of the (Swiss) apartment, things have to be in tip-top shape.
Before handing it over to the gardening committee, we tried to "mow" this mini jungle. We felt quite pleased with our manual-mowing.
And you've guessed it rightly enough, mowing isn't enough.
The soil needs to be turned. Professionally turned, ideally.
So, here we go again, dipping deep into our pockets.

It makes one ask 'Why?'...
Is this allotment going to be used by someone right after me? No.
Will there be some gardening activity within these cold, few months? No.
Is Nature just going to take over? Yes.

But, I guess there's no point arguing with the Terms & Conditions in the Contract.


  1. crazy committee indeed ! Can't you find a new owner yourself and agree with him ? Put it on e-bay ;-)

  2. you remind me on my own garden, looking all the same... I have a lot of work to do, too. 8)

  3. go figure Swiss people's logic sometimes...we're moving flats just now and the hassle with the cleaning and Swiss ridiculous standards make me loose the will to live...

  4. That's annoying...but hey! You have an allotment and hopefully time to tend to it eventually - I wish!! The waiting list is loooong here! xxx


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