Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Maurmer Wine at Stall-Stube Maur

Maurmer Wine @Stall-Stube Maur
Maurmer Wine
Who knew that a modest little place like Maur would be producing wine? I didn't. We didn't.
Not until last Saturday when we headed over to a local barn-style restaurant called Stall-Stube Maur.

Image is taken from Stall-Stube Maur.
Website: http://www.stallstube-maur.ch/

The wine was lovely and the food was great too.
As the menu came in the adorable Swiss-German, I've learnt something new that evening:
As my neighbour explained,
Mist = the dirt on the ground, (also Mist in Deutsch) and
Chratzer = to scratch (kratzen in Deutsch).

That was my dinner for that evening; an animal that scratches the dirt. Take a guess :D


  1. Was it CHICKEN? Though, horses do paw at the ground. ;)

  2. Enjoying the good life!!!
    Thank God there was chicken on the menu, but also pigs are dirty animals!
    Love the informal look of the Stube! We have Stube in Sued-Tirol too..they're German speaking of course :D

  3. ... your neglected piece of land ... well why not plant grapes ;-)))
    Maurmer Wein with an asiatic touch ! yummy !!!!

  4. ps : reading the menucard is just so much fun and mouthwatering !

  5. OMG, I'm so glad I lived in Germany and not Switzerland. Regular German was hard enough!


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