Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 2 at Chilbi-Märt Maur

04.Sep.11 Chilbi-Märt Maur Day 2
Did it rain yesterday! Everything and everyone felt damp.
I had a late start, but it was quiet, so I took the liberty of switching the display around.

04.Sep.11 Chilbi-Märt Maur Day 2
Despite the rain, 2 friends took the trouble to come see my booth. All the way in the boondocks.
And on a Sunday even.

04.Sep.11 Chilbi-Märt Maur Day 2

Day 2 was quieter. Maybe due to the weather, maybe due to it simply being a Sunday.
Most visitors were passersby who wanted to have their lunch at the food tents, or procure their usual spices and goods from their familiar stallholders. This is a teeny tiny town where everybody knows everybody. (And not more than a handful own an iPhone. Neither do I.)

The words that I've picked up from this weekend were:
"Herzig" and "Nucki Taschli".

Nuckitaschli? These:
03.Sep.11 Chilbi-Märt Maur Day 1
Or Nuckel Tasche / Nuckeltasche in German.

I shall name them Nucki Taschli, when I make them available in my online shop :)

Selling at this Chilbi was such an experience. I'm glad I did it.


  1. :-) I can hear them say : wie herzig !!! Nucki Taschli ... supername !

  2. What a lovely time you had! And lovely friends visiting!
    We had rain yesterday here too (not so far from Switzerland, just on the other side of the Alps ;))...

  3. Such a shame that your 2nd day was spoilt by rain!

  4. What a beautiful table full of treasures! And great photos of you and your friends! I think about you all the time! I wear a little pair of earrings that you made...they have some pale pink lace tied on each one! I wear them ALL of the time and get so many sweet compliments! I wanted to let you know how much I love them! ♥


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