Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Have Been Away Exploring

16.Jul.11 Matterhorn
17.Jul.11 Chateau de Chillon
Chateau de Chillon, in Montreux
23.Jul.11 Malbun, Liechtenstein
Malbun, in Liechtenstein
Guilty. Guilty on all counts of Blog Neglect. But I have been away...
Away to a high place,
away to an old place,
away to a small place,
and generally just being away-away as I am seeing to one of my goals for 2011.
Let's just say that my craft room has been severely neglected too :(


  1. you enjoyed, that's the main thing !

  2. The bonus of having a car!
    Happy weekend!

  3. Yay for goal-getting! And you saw a castle (well, that's how it appears to me...poor Americans don't have cool castle-like buildings. Only log cabins.)

  4. to be away sometimes is good! hope you recharged and you're ready to create again :))

  5. I've been away too, just catching up. Pretty pictures! :)


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