Monday, August 29, 2011

My Recycle + Handmade Ideology - A Diagram

Taking the advice of friends that I should promote my Recycle + Hand-made ideology more, and advice from the Hubs about how the message should be put into a simple diagram, I came up with this:


Perhaps a little description will be accompanying the diagram.

Here's a pseudo-Deutsch version, for good measure. I don't know what language I speak anymore.



  1. ...that nasty "gulp"'s always your optimistic attitude speaking eh?!
    I'm sorry, I cannot help you neither with English nor mit Deutsch! :D

  2. Cute! I love your cartoons. If I had an iphone, I would definitely buy your phone covers. Curses of being in college.

  3. I got your concept right away! If you are targeting Swiss-German speakers, you might want to call it "Brockenhaus" though in order to win their hearts completely ;-)

    Contact us if you would ever like to sponsor a promotion on Newly Swissed... We actually live straight across the lake, which is kinda neat :-)

  4. could you come and design my booth too pls !!!! You just have awesome ideas !


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