Monday, August 15, 2011

Balcony Gardening

12.Aug.11 Balcony plants

12.Aug.11 Yellow tomatoes

12.Aug.11 Hungarian waxed pepper. Or Paprika.

12.Aug.11 Balcony Tomatoes

It was 5:30PM in the evening, and I thought it looked like a perfect evening sunshine.
Despite it being Summer, we haven't been having much sun, you see.
And because our balcony is not strategically located, the tomatoes get sun-bathed for about 3 hours, at most, on a sunny day.
I thought our little plants did well, don't you think?

P.S. I am avoiding talking about my vegetable allotment, as it has been severely, severely, severely neglected. This long-distance relationship isn't working out. I am ending it in October :(


  1. great balcony vegetables you have ! They will be easy to harvest ;-)

  2. Everything looks great and so healthy to me! Thank God no more bus-schedule and heavy weeding for you!

  3. Yeah you're back! Your balcony vegetables look great. Our tomatoes are really struggling and still nowhere near red...the constant jumps between very dry and very wet weather are not helping!

  4. Nice job! Despite the absence of summer, your veggies are loving the balcony setting...

    Last year, we had started gardening on a community lot as well. A couple of months in, we decided to give it up though because it has to be your only hobby or else... ;-)

  5. Well done Juanita - they look great and, re the allotment - sometimes you have to let go of things that are not working, so well done on that too!

  6. the veg on the balcony looks stunning!

  7. So lovely. What a great garden!


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