Saturday, August 20, 2011

August's Brocki Finds

August's Brocki finds, originally uploaded by
What I enjoy most about Brocki-shopping is finding good stuff. The 'unexpected-ness' of Brocki-shopping makes it a tonne more thrilling.

Recently, I've scored some pieces of faux suede, woven (rug-like) material, fabulous kitschy vintage prints, and velvety material. While these may have been someone else's toss out, they have given my head a good spin with plenty of ideas.

How I wish to have more hours in a day so I can simply sit and sew.

These material will be featured in my craft shop. Naturally, my crafted goods are of limited quantities.

Post Script Edit: What I call Brocki-shopping is thrift or charity shopping to others.


  1. :-) here too there was Brocki shopping involved in my new designs ... next week another jumble sale on the agenda to attend jihaaaaa !

  2. I've no idea what's brocki shopping. Is it someone making his house a fleemarket? Nice fabric you get.
    Wish you a happy weekend!

  3. That's a lot of good fabric! I'm excited on your behalf! Our local brockis aren't so good for textiles... :-(

  4. Juanita, any idea of where I can buy interfacing in Zurich? Thanks :-)

  5. Looking forward to seeing your makes!

  6. Lovely! I wish I had more hours in the day for sewing too :(


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