Friday, July 8, 2011

Garden Update: Cleared Some Wilderness

Do I have an update for you.
I tackled a sore-eye patch of 6-feet-tall weeds all by myself. It had to be done.
Three hours of pulling and tugging resulted in this:
03.Jul.11 Give this woman a nice cold beer.

This was the before:

There's still much to be done:
- those deep-rooted clusters need to be dug up, and
- grass and smaller weeds.
03.Jul.11 No more wilderness.

But I'm just so happy that I can see the zucchinis and corn plants in plain sight now.
03.Jul.11 Zucchini and Corn group!

And as reward for all that work:
03.Jul.11 Today's harvest!


  1. That's a well-deserved reward, Juanita! Great work.

  2. So that's where you've been hiding in the last few days! I was starting to worry you got lost in that jungle of yours ;-) great work, there are more weeds in my garden if you feel up for it!

  3. Isn't it great when you can eat the fruits of your labour?

  4. Ohh yummy! Wow your garden looks huge - I suppose it's a blessing but also a curse when it comes to weeding! xx

  5. wel done ! Your harvest looks yummy !

  6. I know that the currants are all gone now..but have a look at this gelato-like cake..

  7. Mmmmmm, I could dive into those cherries. Well done!


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