Friday, July 1, 2011

Fredy's Mechanisches Musikmuseum

@Fredy's mechanisches Musikmuseum
@Fredy's mechanisches Musikmuseum
@Fredy's mechanisches Musikmuseum

Fredy's Mechanical Music Museum is a privately-owned museum located in Lichtensteig, canton St. Gallen.
It is also said to be the first Swiss-German museum of such kind.

In an hour's worth of Swiss-German guided tour, we were guided through various rooms of musical instruments, beginning with the earliest inventions through to early 20th century instruments. From hand-wound classical musical boxes and bird-chirping mini boxes to self-playing pianos and humongous jazz machines, it was impressive to see how the mechanics have evolved through time.

While I could only understand about 10% of what was said, what I liked most was how it felt like I was visiting someone's home attic and basement, roaming into rooms and peeking into corners of works-in-progress. Definitely different from looking at exhibits behind glass panels, and these are all one guy's collection that started from his childhood.

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  1. One man's collection? How lovely! It looks fascinating :) x

  2. You'll understand more next time you'll visit! If only you.... ;P

  3. very cool! How did you not steal that gorgeous gilded birdcage? Love it.

  4. @ Lucy
    Yes, a single man, has collected all these valuable instruments for decades, and many of them have also been restored.Fredy Künzle was a very special man. This wonderful man was brutally murdered in his home in spring 2016. We all miss Fredy very much :-(

    @ juanitatortilla:
    Thank you for your nice report on the visit to Fredy Mechanical Music Museum in Lichtensteig
    Friendly greetings from Switzerland, lydia


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