Sunday, May 8, 2011

May's Garden Report (Picture heavy)

You haven't heard much from me about my vegetable garden adventures of late simply because I have been away.

This was what 3 weeks of negligence and after 2 weeks of drought did:
06.May.2011 after 3 weeks of negligence
And while I thought *everything* would have been dead, there were a few surprises.

1. Rucola.
They don't look happy, but I was surprised the seeds broke out from the earth.
06.May.2011 Rucola that don't look too happy

2. A possible seedling of something...
06.May.2011 Something

3. What looks like potato seedlings.
I put some potatoes into the ground 3 weeks ago. Could they be it?
06.May.2011 I put some potatoes into the ground 3 weeks ago.

4. Baby lettuce!
Looking so fresh and full of life.
06.May.2011 Baby Lettuce

5. And red lettuce, almost drowning in weeds.
06.May.2011 Red Lettuce

6. And here's a healthy looking Zucchini seedling.
06.May.2011 Zucchini seedling #1

7. I turned my back for a second and saw this 'bush'.
Rhubarb? Awesome.
Never seen it before. It must have been a leftover from the previous 'allotment tenant'.
06.May.2011 Surprise Rhubarb

8. These broke the monotony of my frantic weeding:
'Pop' came out these little potatoes.
06.May.2011 Baby Potatoes

Now, The Ugly:

A heap of mess I inherited from the previous allotment user.

Uff... Where do I start?

I have my work cut out for me.

So I spent 2 hours tugging at weeds, displacing ants, and uprooting the most impossible clusters of Buttercups.
06.May.2011 Weeding and displacing ants

Just grabbing and pulling till the hands hurt.
If you know of a faster and easier method, please do tell. (Chemicals are unacceptable.)
06.May.2011 Lots of grabbing and pulling.

You feel my despair, don't you? :D
06.May.2011 Quite exhausted

I am only one woman with a bus schedule to follow.
That's OK. We can start all over again, and work at it slowly.

And here's another task: Composting grass and weeds. Any ideas?


  1. the things that already grow look great ! Rubard and strawberries make supergood confiture !

  2. Gosh, I don't envy you at all!
    Mmh..composting..put them into a bin with a lid, it works magic (seriously! We do the same with the grass cut out at work)

  3. Great work! Well done!
    My advise: Learning by doing!
    In November you will know what goes good and what goes wrong. Take notes for next year.
    Have fun! And enjoy your garden paradise!

  4. Wow, you did a lot of work! We just started a small compost bin in an old rubbish bin, but you might want/need something larger. Maybe this link will help?

  5. I feel your pain!! We've just come home after a 2 week holiday and I have to get back in the garden today too. It's sad to see how the weeds take over your hard work... But then rewarding to see the end results!

  6. The previous allotment user didn't have to clean the area to hospital standards like you do when you leave a Swiss apartment! Bahaha.

    It's looking good regardless and once you can start eating some of it you will be really happy.


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