Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tutorial: Fabric Labels

I have been asked before about my fabric labels... These were the ones done years ago, on scrap pieces of cloth.

I recently made some new ones, and I didn't forget my camera this time.

The few things you will need to make your own fabric labels:
  1. Iron-on photo transfers.
  2. Your iron.
  3. A printer.
  4. Pieces of cloth or ribbon.
First, select a digital file of your logo/image.
This was my chosen one.

You will need to create a mirror image of it.

Using this flipped image, re-size it to your preference, and make multiple copies of it.
I did this with Photoshop.
You can do this with a Word document by copying and pasting the image file. (Have yet to try that, though.)

Please note: A white background is transparent when printed. (Rather, there is no white ink.)

Insert a sheet of photo transfer paper into your printer, following instructions that are usually provided with it.

I wanted little tiny labels, and here was my printed result:

I then cut the photo transfer paper into strips that fit nicely onto vintage cotton tape.
Facing printed side down, I heated the transfer paper with the iron, pressing and holding for 15-30 seconds (as directed by the photo transfer paper's instructions).
Let that cool to room temperature (very cruel moment for an impatient one like myself)...
Then peel the paper off with your biggest grin!

You just need to go crazy and have fun with it.



  1. super ! thanks very much for sharing !

  2. The care you have for small details is amazing!

  3. I love this tutorial, thank you!

  4. Photoshop tutorial to do that please!! So cool! xxx

  5. love the handwriting bit of your branding and the purple polka dots you use!

  6. Chic Chix n ChampagneFriday, June 03, 2011

    Thanks Juanita,
    going to try this for sure. haven't seen the mirrored image technique yet.


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