Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Working on Seed Beads

You know how it is when an idea pops into your head right before you sleep? That single idea that could possibly lead you to thinking about other ideas and that you should just forget about trying to sleep? No?
OK. I'll tell you mine anyway: it involved those seed beads.

Stringing one bead at a time... I was quite certain my hand wanted to cramp up.
17.May.11 An idea I lost sleep over

And as always, the universe has a cruel sense of humour, my crochet hook decided to break while I right in the middle of work.
17.May.11 Crochet hooks decides to break

Did I laugh? Not really. But I had back-up hooks, thankfully.

And as I was so (x3) pleased with the results, I pressed on and made a super-long version.

My eyes did not agree with me. That much I can tell you.
17.May.11 Superlong one

Uuff! Well done, Eyes.

Also, you know how I want to finish my current lot of beads.
Here's the Before, dated 03.March.2011:
03.Mar.11 Beady status, week 2

And now the After, dated 17.May.2011.
17.May.11 Beady status

Getting there!

I can't wait to show you what I made with those seed beads, this Friday!


  1. It looks like your lot of beads has been raided!
    Do not stress too much your eyes, please!!!

  2. great and fun necklace to make I think ! These beads are going fast !!!!

  3. I love seed beads but threading by hand is hard I know I crochet with them too but I use a bead spinner and by hand to get the pattern right it helps a little. Looking forward to seeing what you made.

  4. It is always a great feeling to use up some of your crafty stash! It makes you feel good, creative (you sometimes need to be to make things work together) and it gives you a great excuse to go and buy more! Looking forward to seeing the FO.


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