Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Red Pakistani Tunic Makeover

07.Mar.11 Pakistani tunic makeover

It's time to spring-clean the wardrobe! Not really. But I do have a few makeover ideas.

This one was simple:
I wore this tunic once.
But because the sleeves were at a length that I did not care for, I never wore it again.
07.Mar.11 Pakistani tunic makeover: before

So I cut the sleeve...
07.Mar.11 Pakistani tunic makeover: cutting

Thought I could make a thick edge with it...
07.Mar.11 Pakistani tunic makeover: sleeve edges
(What slippery material it was to work with.)

Decided that I wanted the sleeve to fit closer around my arm...
07.Mar.11 Pakistani tunic makeover: pleating the puff

And I put everything together with some supervision :D
07.Mar.11 Puff sleeve in action

I like it!
07.Mar.11 Pakistani tunic makeover: after

But, you know what this means?
My arms are not allowed to get any fatter.


  1. very very good idea ! Let's call it : Pimp your wardrobe !

  2. It looks good.I love the colour!

  3. Such a simple fix that makes all the difference! And that fabric is so gorgeous, glad you're getting some wear out of it!

  4. What a big difference! It looks really good, its such a lovely colour.

  5. I think it looks a lot better - it is great how you can make such changes! I have a friend who brought a tweed winter coat but she cut it so it scooped low at the back but short at the front - it looks wicked and highly original and it really suits her! xxx


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