Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let the Planting Begin

Today is the day I begin my post-Winter exercise planting season.
21.Mar.11 School running track by Looren

The garden allotment is a 6-minute bus ride + 15-minute walk away.
It's wonderfully quiet at 9am on a Monday. But awfully windy and cold, too.

21.Mar.11 ...and we walk some more

Here we are.
So meticulous, so tidy.

21.Mar.11 The Garden Allotment

Look at our very modest plot.
I made up a planting guide and stuck them onto bamboo sticks.
A little theoretical homework before coming out to do the ground work.

21.Mar.11 My planting guides

As I planned on companion planting, I've started 3 groups:

Group A:
Chilli Pepper
Mixed Lettuces
Spinach (in the future)
Radish (in the future)

Group B:
Eggplant / Aubergine

Group C:
Rapa / Brassica Rapa
Chinese Cabbage
Spinach (in the future)
Mixed Herbs (in the future)

I am slowly working on other companion groups that will begin in April, or summer.
21.Mar.11 Sowed some seeds in 90min.

It's not pretty, I know.
I hope it works!


  1. Group A-B-C..you sound so organized to me! Ah, you're such a modest girl!

  2. I am jealous !!!! Such a lot of space and such a variety !

  3. Happy gardening!! I got back into the garden this weekend too. At the moment only flowers. I have a section of garden to clean out for veggies, but that will be quite a big job to get clean, so will see if I actually get to the veggies this season! Looking forward to seeing your results!

  4. Oh, I'd love to have my own garden to poke around in! :D Homegrown things are the best!


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