Tuesday, March 29, 2011

European Street Team Weekly Challenge

Etsy crafters,
have you heard of Handmade Europe and its Etsy European street team? It is an awesome team, and they have Weekly Challenges that will inspire you to create.

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The Weekly Challenge is a sort of Billboard – contest hosted by members of the Etsy European Street Team, Etsy sellers from all over Europe.

One member of the team, the winner of the previous week, selects a theme and publish it in her/his blog. The other team members who would like to participate, send him/her a photo of a handmade item specially made for the challenge, or one that meets concept of the selected theme. After a week, or sometimes 2 weeks, the host of the challenge selects a winner from all the entries submitted and published in the blog. Then that winner continues the thread.
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Last week, Zsazsazsu hosted the challenge with the theme 'Seeds and Pods'.
I especially made up a zipper pouch for the challenge, and it won really unexpectedly :D

As a winner, I get to host a new challenge.

The theme I have chosen is going to be inspired by Europe's paradise:  Hills and Lakes

I look forward to your interpretations,
What will one see...
What will one find...
What can one do...
What will one feel, when you are surrounded by hills and lakes!

A play of colours, textures or items and images...
and I am sure I will be surprised by your creativity!

How to submit:
Entries will be added below, so do bookmark to check-in and see.

Closing date: night of 11.April Monday, Swiss / Paris / Berlin time :D
Winner will be announced on 12.April Tuesday.

P.S. At the end of this challenge, I will create a Treasury with your listings :)

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  1. will have to think about something nice for my favorite country :-)

  2. Congratulations! Wonderful theme! Now let me get busy!

  3. Love the theme, now I am really inspired, I am going to make something especially for this :) (I live in Holland, I miss the mountains!)

  4. Congrats for winning the challenge :D Your theme is great, I love swiss lakes, now I would have to make my little grey cells to work!

  5. Woohoo, congratulations on winning last week's challenge. It really was a good piece though, so I am not surprised.

  6. hi there, lovely theme, pity i cant join in but i dont think that Buenos Aires could be called Europe... so wish you all good luck!!! Karen

  7. fun theme! Congrats on winning!

  8. Congrats on winning!
    Lovely theme, count me in :)


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