Friday, February 11, 2011

Three Wide Elastic Skirts

08.Feb.11 Obsessed with elastic skirts.
There will be 3 skirts!
08.Feb.11 I love pockets in my skirts!
I love pockets in my skirts.
This sedentary lifestyle is causing a wardrobe crisis: trousers and jeans don't fit.
Perfect opportunity to break out my fabric stash,  and feed my elastic skirt obsession, anyway!

I will show you the completed works, when *someone* moves out of the way.


P.S. Pickle didn't help. Do you think she approves?


  1. Pickle would love to shop some fashion items at Harrods I am sure ;-)
    Looks like very nice fabric !
    Curious to see the final result.

  2. Has that annoying time of the year already arrived?! I hate the change from Winter to Spring..fat thighs and bum...Mozzarella-looking skin...etc... :-(
    Lovely fabric, so "you"

  3. Ooh! I'm loving the fabric! I have to see what you are making out of them and whether you are going to put them in the shop!

  4. Of course Pickles approves, just look at that " hands off, its mine " look on that cute little face. Love the fabric.

  5. Cats! How come they always do that?! It is sooooo funny! :) Love pockets too - love digging my hands down deep into them! xxx


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