Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Shoulder Bag Called Waves

Waves. Completed on 10.Feb.11

Waves. Completed on 10.Feb.11 Waves. Completed on 10.Feb.11 Waves. Completed on 10.Feb.11

An art bag, a book tote, a beach bag, a shopping tote...
Diaper bag even?

This must be one of the biggest bags I've ever made for the shop.

It started out without a plan, as usual.
Below are pictures from behind the scene.

09.Feb.11 Let's make a bag!
09.Feb.11 Nice prints that were too good to waste. 
Let's make a bag!
10.Feb.11 Hmm. Huge pocket.
Burlap linen + long zipper + trim + patchwork of scrap + binding tape
= a huge pocket.
10.Feb.11 trying to create a pattern
10.Feb.11 Tried to create a pattern for Body of bag.
It was going to be a huge bag!
10.Feb.11 Body and Straps for bag
Finally decided upon Body and Straps for a type of bag it was going to become.
10.Feb.11 hand-stitching the buttonhole
Hand-stitching a buttonhole
10.Feb.11 hand-stitched
Hand-stitched with vintage cotton thread.
10.Feb.11 Finished!
10.Feb.11 Bag is finished, after 2 days!


  1. wonderful ! reminds me the art of Escher...

  2. more than professional this bag !

  3. Great bag! And I also enjoyed seeing the making process! ;)

  4. Hi there, Juanita :) I see you really took up sewing and it looks like you are achieving great results. Good stuff! Your feb pics look really like summer ones with your flowery fabrics.

  5. oh it's beautiful!
    i love to see the process of making!

  6. That really is a gorgeous bag! I wish I could sew like that. it was really interesting to see how it evolved. And you do proper hand stitched buttonholes, cool!

  7. What a GREAT (literally) bag! I favored it on etsy, maybe I will make myself a gift one day...
    Herzliche Grüße


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