Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fluffy and Pickle Go to the Tierklinik

27.Jan.11 Fluffy and Pickle on the bus
Fluffy and Pickle rode the bus to the vet's, this morning.

And they sang for everyone on the bus.

27.Jan.11 at the vet's
15 minutes later, they arrived at the clinic.

I was glad to have put a towel in their carriers -- Fluffy needed to hide, desperately.

27.Jan.11 Pickle wants to go home...
At the end of the day, Pickle was tired from talking with the other cats and vet, and just wanted to go home.

27.Jan.11 Fluffy thinks 'I want to feel safe'
Fluffy, on the other hand, became really quiet.

27.Jan.11 'I want the world to disappear'
Poor guy. He really wanted the world to disappear.
Quite overweight for a 6-year-old cat, he had to do a blood test.

We will wait for his test results!


  1. what happenend ? Nothing serious I hope !

  2. Poor things! My darling had to go to the vet a couple of weeks ago too. That was not a happy cat! :)


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