Saturday, December 11, 2010

Juanita Tortilla's One-of-a-kind Purses

This was a vintage men's tie. I opened it up, and turned it into a purse, using all of the material.
It takes quite a bit of fabric to make a tie.

Very lavender. Very pretty.
I would have kept it for myself, but I am using this one I made.

There was a brief moment of sunshine, a few days ago.
Golden opportunity to take photographs.

How do you like the 'bags being carried' for scale? Better?


  1. I love your new purses! And the pictures are beautiful, too! ;)

  2. How come that I was pretty sure that the purple one with polka dots was your favourite one?! :D

  3. What great purses! I love carrying these small bags! Very pretty! ♥

  4. Hi Juanita! I'm digging these cute bags! How's Switzerland?


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