Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How was That Walk to Bad Egg?

Before the snowflakes started falling, weren't you glad I took you out for a walk? Don't recall? Let me jog your memory.
We started off here, from Maur.
See, I promised you the hills and mountains.
Direction: South / Southeast
Let's walk there!
The opposite side
So we walked, and we walked.
Walking path
Sorry about your Jimmy Choo's!

And then we reached the next pit-stop, Bad Egg.
Strandbad Egg
No one was around for a swim, and it really was freezing cold.

So, we checked the signs, and decided if we should press on another 25min to the next small town,
or turn back to Maur.
@Bad Egg
"Back to Maur in 45 minutes?!?"
Yes, we did walk 45 minutes!

OK, 47 minutes, with our picture breaks.

Uff, enough work out for the week year.
So we decided to turn back to Maur.
Tea and biscuits were waiting!
Maur, those little white specks.
Yes, I thought you needed proof.
Here's the map!
25.Nov.10 Maur to Bad Egg
Maur to Bad Egg
The next time, we will have to bring our water bottles and snacks.
We did well, didn't we?
'Who are you and where have you been?' asked a cat in Maur.


  1. What a lovely walk! Thanks for taking us. I presume you ar covered in snow now?

  2. Jimmy Choo's???!! Ha ha!
    Ck wellies!!! ;D

    Hey! But where are our tea and biscuits?!

  3. You did very well indeed, rather energetic!

  4. now do the same 'walk' with ski's :-)


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