Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Bread A Month: December's Panettone

Supermarkets are well-stocked with Panettone, Pandoro, and Stollen at this time of year, and I could easily go out and grab all three, yummy cakes. But where's the challenge in that?
19.Dec.10 Panettone 2nd rising
Second rising / proofing
3 egg yolks,
400 gm flour,
lots of sultanas / raisins,
candied peel...
1 hour 45 minutes of rising, and
after baking for 1 hour,
we get a Panettone.
20.Dec.10 Panettone for breakfast
20.Dec.10 surprisingly fluffy Panettone when heavy with sultanas and candied peel
Surprisingly fluffy, despite being heavily packed with candied peels and raisins.

And with this, my friends, we have come to the end of 'A Bread A Month 2010'!

Q. Any recipes worth repeating?
Yes! Pizza dough (obviously), cup-of-tea loaf, Ham braid, and Croissants.

Q. Where have you been getting the bread recipes from?
A Bread A Month - the enabler This book!

Q. Will there be a 2011 version?
Yes, probably! Would you like to read about it?


  1. HORRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY for your successful Panettone! :)
    Hey, yesterday I heard of Zelten on our tv, it's the Xmas cake of our German speaking regions, have a look at the recipe on Wikipedia for next year challenge, he he!

  2. Yay!!! Truthfully, this has been the yummiest challenge I've come across...and the panettone looks so yummy; I'm a sucker for raisins. I would love to see a new version next year. Maybe a different donut each month? ;)

  3. sure and of course a new challenge is expected from our wunderful cook Juanita ! Could you add the smell to your blogposts please ?

  4. This looks amazing! I would love to try it...and eat it! Merry Christmas dear one! ♥


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