Monday, November 22, 2010

This Hausfrau and Gardening?

What I haven't told you guys, is that we've secured ourselves a piece of Swiss land.
A vegetable garden allotment kind of land. Here is ours! On a slope.

Have a look around, and see how neat the neighbours are.

Just thought I should share this with you (if anyone is reading this blog at all).

Next post: How I got a garden allotment in Maur.


  1. oh your are so lucky to have a piece of land to grow your own vegetables ! I am jealous !
    Can't wait to see things grow, and surely you have green thumbs !

  2. This is wonderful! Gardening is my passion! I hope you will like it. And I am the only one in my family with NO green thumbs. Everything I have hard to work for and learn it on the hard way... but it is so much fun and you will be so excited about the tiniest little green whatever grow out of the earth.

  3. Silly girl! Why should people not read your lovely blog?!
    I didn't expect you wanted to become a Landwirtin! ..and your outfit is too much fancy for working! :)

  4. Wow those green legs are amazing!! You are going to have so much fun with your allotment. I'm sure you will be sharing gardening tips before you know it. At least you will have neighbours to ask what to do!

  5. Yes i am reading! What are you wearing? So cute!!!

  6. Thats great, Juanita, you can grow so many veggies on that plot, it is a really good size. It is such hard work though, to turn a piece of field ( thats what it looks like, lol ) into a weed free veggie garden. Ask me how I know, sigh. Great to see a new pic of you, you look so happy!


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