Monday, November 29, 2010

Festive Decorations in Maur

Spy with your eyes.


There aren't many festive (i.e. Christmas) decorations around here, in this little town of Maur.

Maybe because one family has done it all.
27112010-(47) Maur

What say you -- Santas escaping, or trying to break in?
27112010-(46) Maur

Want to guess how many Santas there are?
27112010-(45) Maur

This begs a photo contest, doesn't it?!? Maybe I could round up some things as prizes for a contest...


  1. Oh dear..I didn't know those sad climbing Santas where so popular..luckily people has stopped to put them up lately..
    You're so lucky to live in such an enchanting village, very Christmas-looking even without any decoration!

  2. I think the snow is the best decoration ever !

  3. Please Juanita, keep on posting for your close friends :-)
    You know how much we love you and your blog :-)

  4. Love the snow landscape... I do prefer to the climbing santas!!!

  5. Amazing! Like nothing I've ever seen! Would love to see more photos! ♥


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