Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vegetable Query: Eierschwämme / Chanterelle

I couldn't help but bring home a basket full of them, from the supermarket. Pity about feeling unoriginal that particular evening, I merely made up a "mushroom cream sauce" to go with spaghetti. That worked well enough.

The beauty of Hindsight: these mushrooms might have been lovely as a Chanterelle pie in a puff pastry.
What say you?


  1. Ah, Chanterelle..we call them "Champignon" (read French)..I wonder why my mum hasn't sacked the supermarket yet..we usually have them as a side dish or mixed with Bolognese Sauce (for pasta or Lasagne)
    I see they're proper Swiss :)

  2. Love them ! Love all mushrooms ! My mum brought me home from Switzerland a package of dried
    Boleten/Porcini's as you can't find this here ! With pasta and cream yummmyyyyy ! Mouthwatering.

  3. We have Eierschwaemme here is austria too now.
    they are delicious!!

    I also have in my TO DO list of 2010 to return to a german class eheheh.

    I love your veggies query! they are fun...

  4. Gosh they look delicious! I love all kinds of mushrooms, and think that in a lovely cream sauce with spaghetti is the best way to do them.

  5. Totally delicious! My mouth is watering now.


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