Thursday, June 17, 2010

Venice, 06.Jun.10: Torcello and Burano

My second -and final- day in Venice started out with an early ferry ride to Torcello.
06.Jun.10 Torcello, Venice
Torcello was really tranquil. (Maybe because we were there before the other boat-loads of tourists arrived?)

We saw this:
 [ image from Wikipedia: ]

For lunch, it was at Burano.
06.Jun.10 Burano, Venice
If you love bright colours + cute little fisherman houses, Burano is the place for you.
The lace and souvenir shopping are the bonus.
And gelato, of course, to cope with the heat.

To round the day off, Michela and I revisited some streets, and looked at stores with quirky things (and YUMMY temptations) that Venice offered us.

Back at Michela's cozy home, we tucked in to a BEAUTIFUL dinner prepared by her mum!
06.Jun.10 Venice

Buonissimo! And not to mention a really delectable homemade Tiramisu for Michela's birthday dessert?
06.Jun.10 Venice

I hope your tired legs and sunburnt skin have forgiven you.Thank you so much, Michela, for spending your pre-birthday weekend with me.

Michela has done a better narrative about this crazy weekend than I did!
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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you :) silly faces? Have you seen mine? Ha ha..not to mention my polyglot (not) parents' silly gestures for "buonissimo" (finger+cheek :)

    P.S. God will forgive you for stealing a picture of the Last Judgement and giving credit for it to Wikipedia..ha ha!

  2. I am so happy to see these wunderful blogpost. I even have the feeling of being there with the both of you ! Thanks for sharing and show me a nice picture of the both of you !

  3. Hello! I have just been over to Michela's (blog that is, not her home!) I am really enjoying reading both of your accounts. That dinner looked gorgeous! Suzie xxx

  4. Hello Juanita,
    I've just dropped in to say hello, I'm a follower of Michela's blog & it's nice to see you both had a lovely time in Venice. One day Baz & I are going to visit, it looks like an amazing city!


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