Friday, June 11, 2010

Venice, 04.Jun.10: A Warm Welcome

05.Jun.10 Venice
Hi everyone,

Last Friday, I took a short flight over the Alps to visit a friend. It was really exciting to finally meet a blog-friend in person. Venice, was the bonus.
This said friend is our dear Michela, who was really camera shy.
Her parents were really nice to send us around!
The first thing we did that evening: exchange gifts.
And we did that in true blogger style -- pictures, pictures, pictures!
I was really happy to see the newborn baby horse.
Dinner was delightful. However, I was too greedy to remember that a camera existed. Luckily, though, the camera came out in time for dessert. Very delicious Ricotta cheese + Chocolate + Coconut truffles, AND a totally addictive Mars cereal bar. I could have eaten that all night, if not for my growing gut!

It was night-night soon, as we needed to prepare for a long Saturday ahead of us.


  1. It is lovely to meet a bloggy friend!
    You seem to hit it off perfectly.

  2. lovely photos.. despite the mysterious ghost blogger friend. looks like you had a fantastic time I'm so jealous!

  3. Hello! I am so glad that you both met up, I knew that you were going to, as Michela had told me, I was actually quite excited about it for you both. More please! Tell us more! :) Thank you for visiting me, It was great to see you there! Suzie xx

  4. How lovely time you had in Venice!! Great for you!!!!!!!!!!:)
    where did you go aroud?

  5. Oooh, how wonderful, you got to meet Michela! She is such a wonderful person and I miss her so much in blogland.

  6. Here is the ghost speaking! Ha ha!
    Do you know the thing I missed most during our weekend?
    ..driving!!! I can't stand other people driving! Especially dad!!!
    I know because you always wanted to sit behind! :D

  7. so happy to see this !
    Lovely !


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