Saturday, May 29, 2010


23May10 (48)
23May10 (49)
23May10 (82)
23May10 (83)
23May10 (88)
Charming place.

I was also glad to be able to spend a late afternoon meeting up with Olga and Arek, who were holidaying in Paris the same weekend :)

24.May.2010 Paris
Thanks for the photo, Olga!


  1. I'm so glad you had a good time - what wonderful photos. I haven't been there for decades, which surely should be rectified now I live in the same country...

  2. Beautiful! I love the pic with the old lady! I haven't been since I was little, so I guess I can say I've never really been since I don't remember! Perhaps this summer there will be a re-visit!

  3. I have wonderful memories of Paris.....

  4. Oh, Juanitta,Paris is one of my favourite places...looks like you had a wonderful time...
    I have missed so many of your posts...I better get a Tea and sit down for a moment to look over and enjoy a lovely read.

  5. How lovely time you had!!
    I've never been..

    Have a nice Sunday!

  6. Glad you had a good time! Photos look wonderful!

  7. Great pics, Juanita! It was so nice to meet you in person! I hope you enjoyed your time as much we did ours :)Greets from Arek!

  8. I love Paris! It always feels so romantic and special. :)

  9. I am such a fan of Paris. I'm always happy to see anything from there, and I love your golden-lit photos!

  10. Me too, I love it! Such a wonderful place to be! Suzie x

  11. WOW! Such wonderful photos..hope you have more to share! ♥

  12. Hi, Juanita! i just discovered your blog through Where is olga, and I like it! I am following you!
    Best regards from Barcelona, Spain!
    (I am going to paris on saturday for a long weekend, so, thanks for inspiration...)

  13. yes, very charming and good for shopping :D

    Cu Jeannie

  14. I've never been to Paris...hopefully (crossing my fingers) I won't say that by the end of the year. I love all the photos, especially of the old lady, it's genuine...

    And looks like you had nice weather?


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