Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moving Out Real Soon...

We're 90% packed. 80% actually, because there's Fluffy and his things.

Once all the junk moves out, it's time for the big clean.
I hate to admit it, but all these are so environmentally damaging. But I bet professional cleaners do just the same.


  1. Cleaning kichen,toilet,floor etc...
    oh hard works..

    Hope you'll move to the new home safely. look forward new life,doent it?

    Take care

  2. Come on, it's not just Fluffy!! It's also your other animal - the PC :D

    Good luck, Juanita!

    I'm very curious about the link below - need to check it out!

  3. Do you know that all those detergents can be replaced by vinegar??? Yes, vinegar..yuck! :)

    P.S.Once you've settled one, you have to explain me how that works!

  4. You are looking very organised!! Hoope it all goes smoothly. xxx

  5. Oh my Fluffy must be worried to see all the things being moved arround and packed.
    I whish you a smooth transfer to the new Greifensee ! Put you swimmingsuit on top of everything !

  6. Hope the move goes well! Enjoy the cleaning!

  7. Seems you have everything under control, I am amazed, I' be in a state of total chaos, lol.

  8. Wow, you are well on your way then! May be Fluffy can give you a paw?


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