Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Supermarketing in Waldshut, Germany

'GrĂ¼ezi' on the left; 'Guten Tag' on the right -- Crossing the River Rhein.

We did it. We crossed the border for cheaper supermarket deals. Meats, and some produce were definitely cheaper. Toiletries as well. But we did not bother with Tax Returns / Refund. Do you know anything about that?

Do you also have a good place in Germany to recommend?
Because, as we all know, the prices in Switzerland can make grown-ups cry.


  1. Did you find Lidl and Aldi shops ?

  2. Hey, another english speaker in a german speaking country! I'm finally meeting a few! :)
    Thank you for your kind note, it's been so interesting reading what people have to say on the subject. Apparantly I'm not the only one who asks themselves that question.
    I really enjoyed reading your post on Followers. I've wondered about it too, sometimes. It also surprises me when someone I've never seen before leaves a comment saying they have been reading my blog for a really long time but this is their first comment. It's actually kinda spooky...it reminds me that you never know who or how many are actually reading!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and adding your two cents. :)
    xo country girl

  3. Oh yes, I can recommend Lidl and Aldi as well. They are striving for world domination it seems, lol, we have them in England and France as well.

  4. Lidl is very popular in Italy too, but I have to say that the "taste" of their products is so different from that one of our "brands"..yes, we're obsessioned by brands :(
    For example the fruit juice is less tasty, sweets/cakes make you get decays to your teeth and diabetes, I could continue for a week...(I should ask my dogs how did the dog biscuits taste, ha ha)
    Anyway, it's lovely to spy among their strange DIY bits and my mum loves LIDL bulbs..

  5. When we lived in the States, we shopped at Aldi (love the prices and quality). Now that we live in Croatia, we have Lidl (also great items, and prices because they don't charge the 23% sales tax!)

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  7. Thank you for the wonderful photos of such a pretty town. How exciting to make a big outing for the supermarket. Did you venture out to any other shops as well? Perhaps some lovely little craft shop maybe?

  8. I love foreign supermarkets - would love to see pics from inside or what your bought!

  9. I am a Denner and Aldi's shopper and most produce at Coop although I got some amazing tomatoes at Aldi's last week. Instead of the Migros ones that go bad in a day. I have learned to shop here since I see stuff like wheat pasta on sale and stock up! Since we don't have a car we never did the trip to Germany shopping but now living in the french part meat and produce seem to be a bit cheaper.


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