Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Serial Killer in Your House

Talking about Alan Weisman's book on The World Without Us, again...
This short chapter on "The Pampered Predator" tickled me.
Just a show of (virtual) hands, how many of us harbour one such serial killer in the house?

I know I don't.

Just look at him.
This boy has never left the sofa apartment.


  1. Our Lulu was a hunter but never learned the kill technique, which I've heard they need to learn from their mothers. She brought me a live bird a couple of times and was very disappointed when I let them go. She would sit all day happily looking out the window at her bird ranch.

  2. They look so sweet indeed, but every now and then I find a bird or a mouse on my doorstep killed by one of my sweeties and given to me as 'thankyou' ;-)

  3. One time they fished a koi out of nextdoor neighbours pond ... luckily it still lived so I trew I back over the fence ... :-))))

  4. Hi :) Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my white rabbit embroidery and for visiting my blog :) We had a furry pampered predator as kids that just loved to leave us presents of little mice bodies at the back door every day. At least they were whole and not half chewed *grin*. Cute cat :)

  5. Yeah he looks pretty innocent, but what about the one next to him?? He's looks a bit shifty to me. Is that a bird under his tail?

  6. Hello!

    Spotted sparrow told me about you too.

    Love reading about cats and those things they do, it is my wish to one day be able to have a real cat. Hubs and I love cats, but for now, we shall have to be each other's cat.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  7. Oh, look at that Death Machine...

    Sadly, our Chanel is a killer, having been quite wild as a young cat. There are environmental issues about keeping pets, I know that, but I think that the benefits are enormous too - I know they make their owners happier and healthier!

  8. Ok, I'm not a cat person, but yours is truly adorable!

  9. How can you be so cruel and think of Mr.Fluffy as a killer???
    I think the only thing he could kill is your fridge/purse at looking how chubby he is! ;-)

  10. Oh wow, interesting article/page


    awh, your kitty is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! hehe awwwh seriously one of the cutest cats I've ever seen!


  11. What a gorgeous cat! My husband and son are allergic to cats, which is awful as I LOVE them :(

  12. Ciro is too lazy to hunt; but he sometimes remembers he is a predator; especially when the pigeons visit our balcony, the rest of the time, he hunts a little paper ball! lol
    Some twenty years ago we had a she cat, our son named her " Puzzetta" ("stinky") she too was black and white like our Ciro; but at the time we lived in a house with a garden, so she was free to wander (and to get pregnant!!)
    I still remember how she toughted her kittens to hunt little mice: she played with it and then once at time the kittens imitated the mother...until we rescued the little creature!

  13. Ha ha ha - what a squishy looking pampered pet! Ive posted your goodies - hope you like them. I hope I have restored your faith in Bloggers. xxxx

  14. Oh what a lovely boy! I am sure my Gizmo is a murderer!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ooh, one of my mom's cats used to catch flying squirrels and bring them into my room at four a.m.! Not amusing!

  16. Hi Juanita,
    Diane sent me! (She told us all to say that!)
    Like your blog.
    I have THREE of those fluffy p's!
    One brings home the extraordinary'kills' another is frightened of her own shadow, the third one 'kills' dead leaves and paper balls!

  17. Most of the above! One of my cats, Randolph, beacme a viscious beast if you tryed to get one of his victims of him, and he always left his gifts outside our bedroom door! Nice! Suzie. xxx

  18. He definitely looks like a hunter - ready to spring into action!!!!! Ok then, just totally spoiled!!!
    xxxx He's a beauty though!!!

  19. ha,ha he looks very innocent!

    I've never had a cat. (kinda have a phobia, don't really know why)


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