Monday, March 8, 2010

A Bread A Month : March's Roti Chanai

This was our weekend special -- Roti Chanai.

Really straightforward: I mixed the flour, water, salt, sugar, and melted butter.
(I did not use ghee or lard.)

As told by the book's recipe, I divided the dough in two.
Then flattened each one, with the hand.

Rolled both ends to meet at the centre.

Stacked them up.

Made a ball...

... and rolled it out with the rolling pin.

Letting the 2 flat doughs rest, I prepared chunky dhal (using split peas).

When the dhal was soft, I fried those roti discs with butter!
Dinner time.

Although the exterior is crispy, the roti chanai was really dense, and 'heavy'.

Maybe I should be slapping on lots of ghee / oil,
and flipping it like this roti chanai man, below:


  1. Looks like a darn good recipe! I love your work top! suzie. xxx

  2. Yummy! It looks exactly like "Piadina Romagnola"!

  3. Looks so good ! Love this combination,
    too bad Zürich is about 700 km away.

  4. It does look yummy. Sounds like you'll have to keep experimenting with the heaviness/greasiness issue! I've never made them so I'm afraid I can't help, but your project is inspirational!

  5. Recipe looks easy. THey remind me of tortillas de harina (flour tortillas) except they take lard not butter. I lov dahl and now I don't have an excuse to try to make them.

    Hope your eye is better!

    Happy Women's day!

  6. The roti chanai man looks so skillful!!It is even passion:))
    Looks nahn but texture looks different??

    And Seems your eyes both can open now.
    Conjuncivitis went away?

    Have a nice week!

  7. Thats another really interesting one. I just wish we could taste them as you make them, lol.

  8. Wow, that guy has some mad skillz! I've never had this dahl; sounds intriguing! Yum!

  9. HI

    Michela did very well with the swap, your pictures have made me very hungry, the food looks fantastic.

    Hugs RosieP x

  10. yummy....i will try it :o)



  11. All of your food looks soooooo yummy ! :D


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