Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vegetable Query: Brussels Sprouts

The Hub's favourite vegetable. Mini cabbages, I like to call them.

A friend was visiting Z├╝rich, last year, and we had him over for dinner. I served us some roasted Brussels Sprouts. His remark: "This is the closest to Brussels I have been to eating Brussels Sprouts!"

Will Brussels Sprouts taste any better if eaten in Brussels? (Hehe.)

Did you know, there are a few ways to cutting brussel sprouts?  A Veggie Venture illustrates with these lovely photos!

I choose the convenient way of buying frozen Brussels Sprouts, and so I only cook them (1) roasted, or (2) boiled then sauteed in butter. But you know what is my favourite way of eating Brussels Sprouts? Dipped with lots and lots of ketchup!


  1. ..sorry to disappoint you, but I can't bear their nervine gas and I always wear a gas mask when my family eat them!
    By the way, I've got a bloggy friend of mine whose dog loves Brussels sprouts!

  2. Ha! I'd never eaten those until recently. The husband grew up eating them so he offered to prepare them one evening. We bought fresh ones that he sauteed in butter and seasoned with salt and some other spices. They were delicious (hello, butter and salt? can't go wrong)!

    Husband's comment: "These were way too much work. Don't expect me to ever make them again!"

    LOL, I'll point out the frozen bunch next time...

  3. Love the butter and salt comment above - that sounds like my normal recipe advice, doesn't it?

    Actually, I can only just stand to eat Brussel Sprouts, and never really cook them myself. I'm impressed that you two can manage them!

  4. You have probsbly already gathered that I am more than a little odd. Just tp prove it I LOVE Brussel Sprouts (particularly sauteed with lardons and chopped chestnuts).xx

  5. Just made them junkfood when dipped in Ketchup ! We eat them togheter with caramelised chestnuts yummy ! We all like them in my family ? Because we are Belgians maybe ? ;-)

  6. We all love brussel sprouts in this family. I cook them in water first, then drain off the water, put them back on low heat and get rid of all excess moisture which would otherwise make them taste watery and yucky. Add lots of butter, salt, fresh ground black pepper and fresh ground nutmeg, and let them simmer in the butter until they are really nice and soft. Thats how we like them. Sometimes its nice to add pine nuts to them, or very crispy little bacon bits. Oh, and leftover ones? I put them in an oven proof dish, cover them thickly in cheese, shove it in the oven, and let the cheese melt, bubble and brown. YUMMY.

  7. Well, they look a little bit delicious, but I do not enjoy vegetables. They might make a good cat toy though.

  8. I love brussels...but only really eat them once or twice a year!
    Thanks for popping by Juanita.
    I will have to find the FUSCHIA fleshed Dragon fruit.

  9. I love these little veggies, but I can only have them at Thanksgiving. Not a popular item with the family :(

  10. I use it into stew.only one recipe.
    dipped with lots and lots of ketchup? Fantastic!!hehe;))

  11. My mom says that when she was a kid her mom made her eat brussel sprouts and mom always would only eat one, because she did not like them at all.
    They are cabbages so why are they called sprouts?

  12. My favourite vege but they really don't like me. I eat them very occasionally these days. Aren't they so cute to look at? So mini cabbage like.

  13. Hmmm.. I have never had them..maybe because I don't know how to cook them? But no more excuses...
    by the way, did you change your website.It looks different..Or I'm I losing my mind??


  14. Mmmmmm, roasted sprouts are so yummy. They get all caramelised and toasty. I also really, really like this recipe: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Fettuccine-with-Brussels-Sprouts-and-Pine-Nuts-240591. {drool}


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