Friday, February 19, 2010

Tips on How to be a Swap Host

Hosting a swap is a commitment. Clear your schedule. Check your schedule. Be sure that you have time to entertain all submissions, queries, and problems (if faced with any).  

Meet your participants.
Get to know the nice people who have so willingly signed up for your swap. Guess what, you've just made yourself some new friends along the way. And yes, do meet all of them, even if it means over 200 participants. There has to be a price to pay for greed and fame?

Be approachable.
Let the swap players know how to reach you. E-mail? Via your blog? Where and how is best? And dedicate yourself time to these correspondences. Nobody likes to be left waiting.

You are The Manager.
Be the middle person. Keep a look out, and be on the know. Is someone unable to meet the schedule, or is faced with a tiny bit of problem? Inform both parties. Rectify. Mediate. Remember, it is your swap, so it becomes your responsibility to be in the loop.

Left anybody out?
Did someone miss the dateline? Has someone forgotten to send in a detail? A little reminder helps. Check that their blogs and contact information are correct. 

Be vigilant. Police and monitor.
People have their own busy lives outside of their blogs. Make sure that everyone is doing what is needed to keep the fun going. Check that everyone has sent out their swaps, received their swaps, blogged about their swaps.

A little graciousness go a long way.
These nice people have taken the time to participate in your swap. A simple 'Thank You' blog post or e-mail will cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time.

Celebrate the beginning, and the end of your swap. Celebrate each and every participant, because they all deserve it.

That's just my opinion. Perhaps you disagree?


  1. this a warning post perhaps?!
    Achtung bitte..ha ha! :)
    You're so clever, hope you're going to arrange another great swap soon!

  2. I have only done two swaps. I like the idea of them but then get a bit stressed when putting my swap parcel together, maybe I should relax more and just do more?

  3. So would you ever host another? I am toying with the idea of a swap or giveaway, but you don't appear overly keen? Was it too stressful?

  4. It is very upsetting when you put a lot of effort in and some people don't seem to care at all! I agree totally, it is rude. I made a couple of stockings at christmas which took me days and days to sew (and I was doing them for free!) and even though I told them that they were done and ready, the person never even bothered to come and pick them up, and she only lives around the corner! Some people jsut don't think of the effort that goes in to things! suzie. xxx

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed hosting the swap I did last year, it was great fun and I met so many really lovely people through it. I was just the other day telling Michela that I was thinking about hosting another swap, but you scared me now with that long list!!! Nah, not really, only kidding, I am still thinking about it.

  6. Oh my! I don't think I will never host a swap! You really scared me! May be a givaway? What do you think?

  7. How, sounds like a lot of work! and you are right commitment.


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