Friday, February 12, 2010

Swaps, I Lay You to Rest

R.I.P. Swaps
My Personal Bad Experience: 

Package never sent.
I have had swap partners who have failed to send me a swap package. A swap is a swap. Not a giveaway. Worse yet, I do not hear from them ever again. 

Favour not returned.
You blog mine, I blog yours. That is quite the idea behind engaging in blog swaps.
I have more than a few swap partners who did not blog about the things I have sent.
It makes one think: Was I really that bad? Did she really hate them? Am I so distasteful? Is she really just too busy? So on, and so forth.

The list of swaps I have participated in, and cherish fondly the nice experiences:
  • Alice In Wonderland Craft swap, February 2010
  • No Frills Magazine swap, February 2010
  • {I hosted} The White Elephant swap, January 2010
  • Colours of the Rainbow swap, September 2009
  • Shop Swap & Blog swap, September 2009
  • Letter Writing swap, September 2009
  • Button Jewellery swap, September 2009
  • Polka Dot swap, July 2009
  • Garden swap, June 2009
  • Attack of the 50's B-Movie Craft swap, June 2009
  • A Charming Colour swap, February 2009
  • Vintage swap, March 2008


  1. ah thats a shame :(
    I am fortunate to have been blessed with lovely swap partners yourself included x and I am still in contact with most of them.
    I do understand your decision as I am sure if I had bad experiences I would call it a day too

  2. Ah, well, yes, I have experienced some of those bad things too. But also some absolutely marvellous new contacts and lovely gifts! As I told you, I've resolved not to do any more swaps at the moment because I have not enough time. Thanks for joining in the magazine swap - my idea was that this one would be easy but fun, and I think it's turning out that way!

  3. It is a shame!
    I have had people who have not even thanked me for giveaways!!
    Manners cost nothing eh?
    But most bloggers are fantastic so that's what keeps me going! ;-)

  4. I am beginning to feel like this. I dont know if i will participate in many more.

  5. oh no!!i am truly truly saddened by this!!
    im sorry to hear that you have had bad swapping experiences.
    i almost had an experience where someone didnt send anything in return and hounded them 'til they did!(what an awful admission that is eeek)
    i partook in a few where the person who sent the parcel was emailing all the time..asking if i got it..etc etc and when i responded which i always do,as its polite and im often so delighted with what i recieve,has then gone on to ignore my emails and i never recieved a thankyou back which to be honest just makes me miserable like i have sent them rubbish that they cant even remotely thank me for (going off on a bit of a tangent here-sorry)
    anyway to cut a long story short.
    sad that you wont be doing anymore swaps =(


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  7. 1.Packages always received even if with months of delay
    2.Favour not always returned as you said... I think my package was not so cool to be shown on that blog ;-)
    I've taken part to 5 swaps and I consider these experiences a good way to meet people I would never have met through regular blogging, as I try to keep my reading list as short as possible.. the way it's only the 12th February.. but today your blog looks like at Halloween :) very clever!

  8. I'm sorry that you have had a bad experience of swapping ~ I loved my Rainbow Swap too! Having only done a couple of swaps I have been lucky enough to have had wonderful partners but would likely be feeling the same way as you if swaps had been bad experiences. Hope you have a lovely weekend :O) x

  9. Oh Juanita,
    Sorry to hear looks like you had a few good ones though. I have only ever done one...and it went well.
    HUGS and have a lovely sweet weekend!

  10. I had a very good experience in my first swap held by you ! But I can understand that not all people have good intentions.
    Anyway I am glad to have joined your swap and learned to know by this some very nice people.

  11. I must tell you that my first swap was awful! My "partner" never contacted me at all- but thankfully (this may sound spiteful!) I never sent hers to her. :)

    But, since I'm not one to learn, I've done several more swaps since then with much better success.

  12. oh dear! Don't lose hope! What you do is really lovely and telling of your character! I'm rubbish at the pay it forward! I'm sorry but there is still the intention to do it - I just hope I will when I get some more time in the next few months... :) xxx

  13. awww no - never say never you may find a new swap that really appeals & you won't be able to resist :0)
    i loved swapping with you and truely count you as a friend . . . mwah xxx mwah xxx

  14. Let me give you a big big hug, its awful that you feel that way. It is such a shame that you had bad experiences. I have been mostly very lucky, only had one time when I felt a little let down. Still, I love the whole idea of swaps, it is such a fun thing to do. I hope you will change your mind again soon, I would feel odd to host a giveaway and not have you participating.

  15. That is so awful! When people say they will do something then they should. People (some, but not all) let you down, there will always be some that do, but others are good! IKnow what you mean, sometimes you wonder just why you bother! Big hugs though, I really do care! xxx

  16. Don't give up on swaps!!!
    Apparently and are great for swappers and they are hardcore about finishing them. The blog ones are harder to come by.
    Sorry i missed yours, I was out of town then ugh, decided to come up with a swap of my own.

    And I was in a coraline swap last year and a bunch of people didn't get thngs. It's disappointing. You can't help fallout, I mean, what if someone died?
    But it is always better to receive and what if you wouldn't like what you got anyway. Don't deny people of your wonderful handmade treasures.
    Karma comes back in other ways.

  17. Awh that is awful news & of course an awful feeling when you put all your effort out there to send something & especially if it's a "swap" and she didn't even make an effort whatsoever. It's happened to me before but different situation - I sent something to this person & she said herself she would send something & didn't even end up doing it - I told her she didn't have to be she insisted but never acted up to it & I find it very rude when people say it & never end up doing it - it's like don't say it then if you aren't going to ! Sigh, it's SO mean ! I hope they get what's coming to them *karma* grr ! *hugs* hope you feel better dear ! x

  18. Oh no this is so sad :(

    I thought that it had been resolved, it is sad to know that it wasn't.
    I actually have been spending most of my time since the last swap trying to see who blogged about who and who actually sent their packages, and sometimes it is sad to see people who you were sure would be faithful to their promises flake out on others.

    But I guess I know now, and their won't be a second chance on that. Things like that are what makes swapping rules so strict. But I hope that your event went well, and that you have better experiences with swapping. Lots of people just try to stick to personal swaps.

    (Sadly I have somewhat stopped all together, I just can't afford it)


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