Monday, February 15, 2010

Neither Chinese New Year nor Valentine's, It's just an Asian Dinner

Last Saturday, we had 3 friends over for dinner. It was an Asian dinner that took us 4 hours to prepare -- 2pm to 6pm. No kidding. Had The Hubs not helped out in cleaning the apartment, I might not have had the time to be in the kitchen to play.

13.Feb.10 Very difficult things!
My first use of banana leaves. They were very difficult things to manipulate!

13.Feb.10 Thai sweet basil - also my first
Another first, Thai Sweet Basil, which I used in 'Steamed curry prawns in banana leaves'.

13.Feb.10 The set up.
Here was the set up with a tropical Asian flair. (I'd like to think.)

13.Feb.10 Smoked salmon salad
We had a crazy idea about having a "Loh Hei", since it was a Chinese New Year weekend, and us being Chinese and all. I will tell you all about this next time... (after I've done some research online.)

13.Feb.10 Steamed curry prawns with Thai sweet basil, in banana leaves.
Here is a  'Steamed curry prawns in banana leaves' package. {Taken by Janice.}

13.Feb.10 Way too much food.
The load of food: Fried Vegetable Vermicelli, and Chicken Curry with Potatoes.

13.Feb.10 Way too much corn pudding.
Dessert: Corn pudding. (I lined the bottom of the dish with Banana leaves.)

13.Feb.10 I said NO.
{Taken by Janice.} Fluffy! Our very reluctant host and entertainer. Which makes him all the more funny.
Everybody loves Fluffy.


  1. Wow looks like a great dinner! And I like your table setting!

  2. Yummy Yummy Yummy that looks very good indeed ! You spoiled them !
    I would of have joined with pleasure and be with Fluffy on my lap.

  3. 10/10 to our perfect Hausfrau!!!
    Is your Corn Pudding like Polenta?

  4. Amazing...lovely pictures and set up. 4hrs you say? These days I consider 2hrs spent in the kitchen maximum I can (i don't have that much time and it just stops being fun for me if it's too long)... where do you get the patience and the willingness, Juanita :)?

  5. Oooooooh that's nice view!!
    Sugoi sugoi(=Great in japanese)
    I'll try corn pudding!!

  6. I bet the food was to die for with that sort of time and preparation - and the dining room table looks beautifully laid too! Happy Chinese New Year! xxx

  7. WOw that was alot of time and effort and the food looks delicious, how was the thai sweet basil? I have never used banana leaves. Table setting sure looks inviting.. I'm hungry now!

  8. Just wanna say hi to fellow Singaporean who's also residing in Europe!


  9. Hi Fluffy! It looks like you are a great host!


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