Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My White Elephant has Arrived

You might have already guessed whose White Elephant I've chosen: it was Mami's, from Osaka.
It was a really cute strawberry patterned tea towel. I really do like tea towels, and will be saving this one for an occasion.

{I was admiring her adorable Sakura-shaped, hand-cut tags. They are really cute. And those Origami Cranes are up on display!}


  1. Lovely choice! Can't believe how quick is the Japanese postal service!

  2. This is great ! A very nice present indeed.

  3. Ohhh!! I actually kept your blog up for a whole week on my computer debating if I should join the white elephant but sadly concluded in the end that I need to save money to go back to college...tears...

    But I'm happy that it all went well :)

  4. Hi,Juanita
    glad you like it!!
    Your posting and photos are all so cute;)

  5. thanks so much for your message on my post,i was not going to post it as i think somethings can really "rub people up the wrong way" but i also know that so many people dont really know whats going on,and if they did they might decide to live their life a little differently...

    i guess when something makes you cry like a baby on a monday evening sometimes you just gotta share it...

    i dont blame you for not watching it,ive been a vegetarian since i was young too and your no doubt well aware of the what the substance of it may contain =(
    anyway im in no way an activist or a crazy vegan eager to change the world lol!!
    but blogs i guess are there for what you feel is important and last night i felt the need to share.

  6. That is a pretty tea towel. My mom has a lot of those from Switzerland with different designs on them, even some with cats on therm!

  7. Very nice! I love all things strawberries!
    I hope you'll host another swap real soon, it was so much fun!


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