Friday, February 12, 2010

Magazine Swap - What I Received from Claire

Two large envelopes came for me on Wednesday. Fluffy was really happy about that, too.

Fluffy tried to sniff out the international smells...
The plastic one bore a note from the Post service. It was a note of apology,
saying that the package had arrived damaged. Which explains why it came in a plastic wrap.

Here is part of the damage.
But the contents were intact!

Claire has given me TWO magazines, and a calendar. And she even threw in a lovely fabric to wrap them in. What a nice touch. (Hey, what happened to the "No Frills" part about this swap, ha.)
Now I have 2 issues of Country Living (1 from Claire, 1 gifted from someone much earlier), and 1 English Home.

Thanks so much, Claire!

No Frills Magazine Swap:
Host - Floss over at Troc, Broc and Recup';
Swap partner - Claire over at Dolly Dollop.


  1. I'm glad this swap has been a successful one for you both and how kind of Claire to add some "frills"!

  2. Oh, that was fun (and I loved Fluffy's involvement). I recognised all of the photos from CL and enjoyed the other ones too. You eat slimy, live shellfish but not flowers? Sugared violets are a real Toulouse speciality. They taste very perfume-y.

    I'll link to this post in my Magazine Swap sidebar.

  3. Thanks for letting us share in this swap with the pictures ! You did a fabulous reportage about this !

  4. I'd love to see them..
    Nice swap isnt it?

  5. It is always so lovely to receive post presents eh? I love oysters too - though it is like Russian roulette with me and them - I often get food poisoning for my daring...:( And as for tea- yes, I knew that, living in the UK and all - we're mad for it! - and I'd imagine suger flowers would be rather nice...probably just rather sugery... :) xxx

  6. I can't say I've ever eaten flowers either...but I couldn't manage without my tea...I favour earl grey but sometimes real strong 'builders' tea is needed!!!
    So pleased the package finally got to lovely post office lady must have been having an off day when she didn't tell me I needed a customs sticker :(
    (wonder if the nosey customs peeps liked the mag!!!)

  7. Oh that's lovely, I did a magazine swap with my blogger friend Daisy @ early this year & it's so lovely exchanging mail ! Esp magazines ! x


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