Monday, February 8, 2010

Learning German / Deutsch Lernen = Die Post

(Neighbourhood) The Post Office
Funny story. It took place earlier last year.

Topic: Die Post. {The Post.}
Group activity: Vocabulary exercise ; Come up with words related to "Post":
die Packung, die Adresse, der Absender, die Eilsendung, die Briefmarken

I next wanted to say 'envelope', but the German word slipped my mind.

To mail out
There is "shh", an "um"... and maybe a "pe"...

So I wrote nervously:

Let's make it die Briefschlumpe.

Had to be right.
But I can't be right.
But it could be right.
I am most sure of the 'die' part.
I get half a point for correct Artikel, right?

Kontrollieren time. Teacher was extremely puzzled with die Briefschlumpe.
Ich kenne nicht das Wort 'Briefschlumpe', she said with a hysterical laughter.
{I don't know the word 'Briefschlumpe¨.}

Come on. Briefschlumpe? You know, envelope?

Aah... Briefumschlag.
Der Briefumschlag, Teacher corrected.

Oder meinst du Schlümpfe? Teacher remarked.
{Or did you mean Schlümpfe?}

She made a little drawing of a person with a big nose and droopy hat.
Die kleine blaue Menschen... Smurfs!

(Image is taken from here.)

I was pretty close with the "sh" and the "um", no?


  1. LOL. Is it me or does it seem like almost all German words have "sch" and/or "um" in them?

  2. Haha! A friend of mine, when learning Spanish, wanted to say 'I am embarrassed' but didn't know the word. Used 'embarazada' as a guess. It means pregnant!

  3. Oh Puffi! :)
    Then you could reply her "You're like Gargamella ha ha ha!" (the naughty men who lives at the castle)

  4. Der/die/das - it's all foreign to me! (Actually did learn to a decent level at school but forgotten through lack of use). I wouldn't say you're heartless - just not obsessive like me!xx

  5. Ah ha - an envesmurf!

    In France they're called Les Stroumphs.

  6. Very originally found this word !

  7. Mwahahaha!!!

    I think you are doing VERY well, I have always wanted to learn German - for no good reason whatsoever - mostly because talking in German sounds to me like you are telling everybody off all the time.

    On another note... SMURFS RULE OK. ;)

  8. ROFLMAO, that was too funny! Btw, if you ever need any help with your German, let me know, I'll be happy to help.

  9. Hehe, you're too cute. Have you gotten to the point where sometimes you can't remember a word in German OR English? Crazy!

  10. funny story, I did enjoy it! suzie xxx

  11. Lol! That is so cute! Hubby makes up new German words too!

  12. ha,ha I know the feeling! Here I am a Mexican raising a multilingual daughter in Croatia and while playing with her stuffed animals I managed to teach her how to curse!

    Greetings from A Mexican chica living in Europe

  13. That is too funny! My mom has a hard time remembering German words too.


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