Monday, February 22, 2010

What's In My Bag

It was another blog tag! Thanks, Michela! What's in my bag?

Nothing too special, as you can see. But definitely messy, just like the bag's mistress.

And speaking of Fluffy...

Fluffy came to say 'Hello!'

Sorry about the dark pictures. It is a very cloudy morning.


  1. Fluffy is gorgeous!! Glad to see you're getting use of the teacup pouch! G

  2. Hi Mr Fluffy! You are as gorgeous as ever!
    I'm sending you a looong rub from head to tail!
    And to your mistress...Love her handmade bag!!

  3. ..phew..VAT is done!
    Thank you for playing! slippers,eh?!

  4. I love your fluffy! Your bag is gorgeous and I love the mobile phone holder! suzie. xxx

  5. Hi Fluffy! ::waves paw:: You are adorable!

  6. you have lovely creatively goodies in the bag!

    Hello,Fluffy!!how are you?

  7. When I took my pictures on saturday Minou also came to look
    what I was doing. Typically for curious longhaired cats ?

  8. Well, thats looks extremely tidy, no used tissues, no receipts....... and not too much contents at all! Isn't Fluffy a pretty one?!

  9. Hi Fluffy! I want to pet him so badly! :)

    Ugh, your bag is a lot less messy than mine!

  10. You say 'messy' but it looks perfect!!! Mine is much worse...


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