Friday, February 5, 2010

How is Your Temper?

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How is your temper?

Do you let things slide off your back?
Do you smile even when you're angry?

I am a quick-tempered person. And I am never afraid to show it.
What about you?


  1. Oooh, good question Juanita!
    Being a Gemini, I've got a double personality..I look angelic at first..but don't get me angry, because I could be like the devil! I could start shouting and throwing things away..he he!
    The word "diplomacy" doesn't exist in my dictionary!

  2. I am very soft person. I don't like to get angry. Fighting is a waist of time I think. We are only very short on this planet, so why waist time being angry ?

  3. ..Mamma mia! I feel so ashamed now..*blush*

  4. I am strangely calm with other people, with a very slow reaction time and a good sense of balance, passed on to me by my mum. However, sadly this doesn't always work in family life! At home my temper is indeed pretty quick at times.

  5. ... I forgot to add that I stay angry for a long time.
    But, I also do realise, over these few years, I am convincing myself to let go of grudges. It's true, no point being angry.

    Hopefully, in the next few years, I may be as clear-headed and good-natured as you lot.

  6. Having grown up with a quick tempered mother...I have learnt to be fairly calm...and have to watch the calm, quiet ones...if you let things build up for too long, they eventually come raging to the surface and it can be quite shocking for everyone involved because they never saw it coming... but these episodes happen once in a blue moon... xxx

  7. I live in Osaka as you know. Osaka people almost have short temper. Funny listen, They said we couldn't wait while traffic signal turns.hehe. for me not so so. I agree with Sandora,angry wastes too much time. Fighting brings us sad feeling.
    But i get angrey once, it is not easy to come back though..

  8. I get angry...I am very quick tempered..but its short lived. Shout first ask questions later is my motto!!!
    (you should have a package with you very soon xxxx)

  9. I very rarely lose my temper, but if I do, it is fast and over with in a minute, and it is so easy to make me laught too! suzie xxx

  10. Like you, I stay angry for a long time but I'm working on trying not to do that. It's a quiet angry too, I internalise it rather than rant / rave and my therapist said that the worst anger ever. So I punched her. ;)

  11. My mom flies off the handle sometimes and then she regrets it.
    Me, I am a lover, not a fighter, and I rarely get angry.

  12. Even if angry I rarely show it. I keep it all inside until it goes away. Very unhealthy! I wish I was more expressive and could get rid of the negative emotions by shouting them out or something :)

  13. oh yeah, me too. I think it comes with being Italian :-)

  14. Oh yeah, I've definitely got a temper. Just ask the hubs! Luckily, I'm also quick to show my nicer emotions, which makes up for it. :D

  15. hmm - i have a fearsome boiling temper on me - but i'm a very mellow laid back person most of the time.
    my hormones can turn me into a monster and unfortunately my family bear the brunt of those times :0(
    i hold a grudge for a long long time - i have neither seen nor spoken to MIL for 1yr and 2months - this fact makes me very happy. My grandmother was also one to hold a grudge so it must be genetic!
    i'm happy to say i don't throw things in rage or slam doors but i can turn the air a very deep shade of blue.

  16. oh and omg don't insult my kids 'cause i turn into some kind of crazzzzzy lioness!


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