Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Bread A Month : February's Butterzopf

February is the month for Butterzopf. I love Butterzopf!
Butterkopf from that Bakery.

I've usually made Butterzopf right out from those convenient flour packs,  and I consider that cheating.
The bread book did not provide me with a 'Butterzopf' recipe, so I made do with a Sweet Dough recipe.

It made me do this, which might be the Batter, or Sponge, or Sponge and dough method.
I doubled the fresh yeast, as I intended to freeze half of the fresh dough.

So this is my first Braided Sweet Dough!


  1. You consider making your Butterzopf from the package cheating? Hmmm. Shall I admit that I just pop into the local bakery for mine? :-)

  2. Loooooooooove this bread ! Even my husband knows how to make it ! I didn't know that there even was a mix on the market to make it.
    Yummy yummy yummy...

  3. Butter Twist in english? I love the one. How long does it take for baking?

  4. Yummy! When my mum goes shopping to Lidl she always buys Butterzopf!
    I'm very impressed by your Zopf/tresse/treccia/plait :)
    In our bakeries we've just boring milk-bread..ever tried bread with your beloved raisins when you went to CinqueTerre or Milan?

  5. it looks great. i can´t believe that was your first try. you are one talented girl! besos!

  6. Wow, it looks really fluffy inside, grand job! My mouth is watering now.

  7. Yum yum yum! Like I've said before, this is my absolute favorite bread! Yours looks great! Nom nom nom

  8. LOOKS light and fluffy!
    Thanks for sharing sweet Juanita!

  9. WOw your bread looks delicious! I like your calendar with each month posted. and I see tortillas on there.yum.


  10. It look nice... Has it the taste of a butterzopf? No, because me, it took me a while to have the perfect one and honnestly, I need the butterzopf flour of Migros... And It's not cheating it juste a mix between wheat flour and spelt flour...


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