Sunday, January 3, 2010

White Elephant Swap

Dear Friends,
You have been invited to join my first swap!
Someone's White Elephant could be of good use to you.

How my very simple White Elephant Swap will work:

1. From your home, select a White Elephant gift. Something a person can use.

2. Gift budget / value = $5 to 10 (USD).
Something you think may be worth at least $5… If it costs more than $10, or you don't know, is it something you want to part with?

3. Wrap it up. Remember: Keep it anonymous and mysterious! Take a photo of the wrapped gift. Do not reveal what your White Elephant gift is! Tell no one! Not even to me!

4. E-mail me the picture of the wrapped White Elephant gift.

All photos of White Elephant Gifts will be put up in this photo album,

What could be in each of them?!?

5. 18 - 24 January : Time to choose White Elephants from the photo album!
Gifts will be selected on a first come, first served basis. Only 1 Comment per Photo. Please pick a gift other than yours, because that is the fun part about swapping!

6. When all White Elephants have new owners, you will be contacted on Who and Where to send your gift(s) to.

7. Send out your gifts by 29 January, Friday.

8. February 2010 : Let us all see your new and mysterious White Elephant!


[i] Join in by : 17 January 2010, Sunday.

[ii] How? E-mail me at with :
  •  Your Name
  •  Mailing / Home Address
  •  Blog Address (You must have a blog, and e-mail.)
  •  Please attach a photo of your wrapped White Elephant gift ( or photos of gifts ).
[iii] Game will run : 18 to 24 January 2010, Monday to Sunday.

[iv] Open to everyone from all over the world! Please be prepared to ship internationally.

[v] Send out by : 29 January 2010, Friday.

If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


  1. Yeah! You've finally blogged about your swap!..I must confess you I got a bad headache reading all the rules.. ha ha! ;-)
    May I join in, please??!

  2. Hehehe. Sorry about that! I can get too carried away... But this swap is really very easy!

  3. Ok i understand details. this is my first joining to swap.Pls give me a hand.
    May I join to your swap!

  4. Oh, Juanita, I have a New Year's Resolution to only do my magazine swap, nothing else! You are so tempting, because this is a nice simple swap, but I am going to have to stick to my resolution, I'm afraid!

    Maybe you could take part in the magazine swap with a thrifted magazine, if the Swiss go in for that kind of second hand selling? I've bought some really good second hand mags here, but I never saw them available in the UK, so perhaps it's just the sensible French? Or perhaps you have a friend who reads magazines and would pass one on... But I quite understand if you can't join in. Glad you get 'Time' though!

  5. I'd like to join your swap please, Juanita!

  6. Am going to join in, but have to think what to wrap up! I will be back :)

  7. Hi - I'm off to find my swap item. Will e-mail once it's wrapped. Thanks so much for organising this,

  8. Hey awesome! I'll join! I love wrapping things almost as much as getting things!

  9. Hi!

    Good Luck organising your first swop - won't join this one as am just organising a Valentines Heart Swop but wanted to say - Fab Idea!



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