Thursday, January 28, 2010

Knitting Stash

I have a very random collection of odd balls -- thrifted or gifted.
It gets tricky to plan for a large-scale project with random odd balls.
You know what I mean?

When I say 'knitting', and 'cat', you must be thinking of a playful kitty wrapped around in yarn.
But here is the truth about Fluffy.
He's the perfect non-knitting cat.

About my current project: Thought I could design a cardigan, but lost steam.
Took it apart, again, for the third time.

So, what are you knitting?


  1. Haven't done any knitting for a long time ~ am enjoying crocheting far too much just now to swap my hook for needles! Fluffy does look very comfy on the sofa and I spy a very lovely craochet blanket too:O) x

  2. Ilove to put on arm warmer this winter. I'd like one

  3. I am going to try some knitted flowers, and then a tea cosy. Note going to - not doing!

  4. I would just like to be able to knit fullstop.

  5. I tried knitting once, but realized I don't have the patience. I bow to you for being able to do it.

  6. I have a ball of 4ply merino navy wool and am planning some ankle warmers to wear as cuffs over my too-small ankle boots (which means I can only wear them with thin socks).
    Just discovered your blog btw - I love it!

  7. I could make him a necklace ? But maybe that's not really his style.
    Catjewelry and catclothes ...found a hole in the market ?

  8. No new knitting yet - still recovering from my sock-knitting exploits. But I do know what you mean about it's tricky to knit with odd balls - small-or large scale (for me at least). Hence, my yarn current yarn stash is extremely small (not so my fabric stash).

  9. I have just knit a hat! It is shown on my blog post this week. I am only a beginner really, and like you I have oddments of wool, which is what I made the hat out of! suzie. xxx


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