Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How are You Staying Warm and Green This Winter?

When ecouterre.com asked how we/I/you are staying green and warm this winter (in a giveaway contest), here was what I wrote:
Probably more frugal than green, we have turned our radiators a couple of notches down. To cope with the cold feet, we have crochet slippers, of which I made, just in time for winter. They are ugly mismatched bedroom socks, because I only ever buy leftover scrap yarn from the thrift stores. Needless to say, I am staying “stylish” with very unique handmade wool hats and mittens this season. Whatever does the job, really.
  Proudly hand-made! Nobody looks at my cat ears on the hat.
As wall mould (or mold) is my enemy, I wipe the bathroom walls and surfaces after a shower. That cuts down the time spent, and heat lost from ventilating the bathroom after a shower.
We don’t have a car, so we rely on public transport. And I am proud to ride the bus with a thermos of hot tea in my hands, as I head to school. Bringing my own hot tea = no wasting plastic cups from the coffee vending machine. And a couple of dollars, each time.
 A classmate always teases me that I have Sake in it. 'Yes', I always say.

What about you? How are you staying warm and green, this winter? It's worth the thought!


  1. great Juanita ! Keep up this good work for a greener world.

  2. ..you're so clever!
    Mmh, not sure if Material Girl is doing something for staying warm and green this winter ;-) ...

  3. Well done you. My efforts are just to turn down the thermostat a little. The public transport in Europe is so much better than here in the UK, I couldn't imagine not having a car. Thanks so much for your kind comments. Hopefully no permanent damage but it's really sore (and SO not a good look)! xx

  4. I love your cat ears! Very clever indeed! suzie. xxx

  5. I like your hats!! How clever!!Loos so difficult making slippers too!!

    this winter,the temperature is going up and down here. So..I am wering arm warmers and leg warmers though..

  6. Oh Juanita! With some milions of people like you, the World could be a better place to live in!
    As Baloo ("book of jungle" character), sings..."Looks for the bare necessities"...


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