Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Bread A Month 2010

The Plan.

You must think I am crazy, but I have had this "a bread a month" project in my head since Nov'09.

I like to try making my own bread once in a while, but never get round to documenting them.
Everybody loves fresh bread, right?

Where I will be getting the recipes from.
  1. January : Pizza dough
  2. February : Butterzopf / Challah
  3. March : Roti Chanai
  4. April : Easter bread / buns
  5. May : Mexican Tortillas
  6. June : Cup-of-tea loaf
  7. July : Bagels
  8. August : French Brioche
  9. September : Ham & Mushroom Braid
  10. October : Croissants
  11. November : Irish Soda Bread
  12. December : Panettone
You are welcome to join me!


  1. sounds like a nice you made some NY resolutions, he he!

  2. Now why would we think you are crazy, eh??? ;-)

    Sounds like a jolly good project to me. Home made bread is sooo tasty.

  3. Fantastic idea! I've stopped making so many loaves in France (so much good bread here anyway) but we still make unusual breads like pizza dough and naan breads which are harder to get hold of. Your list looks wonderfully broad!

  4. Yea! There is nothing as good as a fresh homemade bread! I make it at least once a month.
    Have you tried sour dough? Yummy!
    This guy has a good recipe for it!

    Your project sound fun! And I will love a second "Fluffy world"!

  5. Sounds amazing, i love the smell of homemade bread!

  6. It's a pitty that Zürich is about 700 km ... otherwise I would hop in to help AND taste !!! I love all these breads !

  7. I will try and join you with this - if not for all of them then definitely the roti chanai. My husband is still horrified by my having curry and roti chanai for breakfast whilst on holiday in the far east! xx

  8. Good luck, Juanita :) it does sound nice to make your own bread! Very healthy project.


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