Friday, January 29, 2010

1,000,001 Followers Would be Nice

You feel joy when the numbers increase. Things go sour when someone drops off.

When someone Follows you, do you feel obliged to reciprocate?

So many Followers, but most visit you just once. Or twice, because they are courteous. And you never ever hear from them again. But they still appear to be Following, because they are courteous.

Out of 10 Followers, how many really do bother to pop in and say Hi?
For every 100 Followers, how many comments do you receive per post?

Going by Dunbar's magic number of 150, would 150 Followers be just right?

Has blogging become a Popularity contest? A new addiction?

Are you better off without it? How has this little web gadget affected your life?


  1. 'Tis a good question, Juanita! I think it's a shame if people follow but don't actually want to read. They should feel free to delete us from their lists if they never read us, but perhaps they feel obliged...

    I do read every blog I follow WHEN I have time, but how often does one have the time for every single one?

  2. I reaaly try hard to read and comment on peoples blogs, sometimes it is so hard though to keep up! Suzie. xxx

  3. Hi Juanita,
    blogreading is addictive, once you've started, you can't stop I think, but wherever find the time to read all of them ? I am happy when I see the numbers on my blog increase ... maybe because I am new in 'blogland' of because I am vain ?

  4. Oh and , I have probally about 200 followers now, blogger ones and network blog ones, and on average I may get about 35 ish comments, so yes people follow,but then never pop by again.It may be that they don't come on to blogger very often, or they just forget about who they follow. I don't really mind, I just try and keep up with the ones I follow. It makes me appreciate the people who come and comment even more, because I know the time that goes into it!
    Good post! suzie. xxx

  5. know already that maths is not my cup of tea ;-) !!!
    ..then nobody got angry with you for this post, eh?! :))

  6. Mmmm. I'm thinking maybe I should make more of an effort to comment. I do try but as my school report used to say 'could try harder'!xx

  7. I usually comment on blogs who I have built a connection with...when someone comments I feel connected.
    I blog to get work pushes me, I set goals in posts and hate letting people(my readers down) so I have to create.
    This past year has been my most productive one ever!
    Thanks for asking the quetsion Juanita...I wish more people would comment...because I know I have more visitors than 4 or 5 in a day...maybe some people are shy...
    who knows!

  8. Frankly, (this may sound snobby) I blog for me...if someone takes the time to comment, I will certainly go to their blog and reply or comment on theirs. And if I find their blog interesting, I will follow. :) Make sense?

  9. lol! It has deeply affected my life. When someone drops me, I think, "Why, oh why, wasn't I cool enough for her anymore?" It's silly, I know. :)

  10. This is a really good question! I have 200+ followers now but I think there are only 20 people at most that comment regularly, and I comment regularly on theirs too! I read so many blogs, but only tend to comment if there aren't very many comments yet or if I have something significantly different to offer... it always kinda shocks me when some of the big blogs get 3000 comments and 2995 are 'Too funny!' or 'Love what you made!' I totally wouldn't bother :)

  11. Intriguing questions! Anonymous blogless (due to being clueless!) unite!

    I would have a blog myslef but I don't do well with the computer set up thing and frankly find itr scary, but I love your blog and want to stand up and be counted!

    Which begs the question "How many anonymous bloggers are reading this blog!?!"


  12. Comments are addictive! If I don't get any at all for a few posts, I get depressed and worried. I mean, I know they were pretty boring posts, but were they that boring? You'd think my Mom could at least comment. Jeez. Yep, I know, pretty sad.

  13. Very good question! To me 'following' means marking a blog I liked in order to come back to it. Then I know I will not loose the link. And well, I do not have much time for blogging, so it might be very long before i check it again. I'm also that kind of person who likes things on my favourite blogs to accumulate and then read all at once - like a good book or smth.. :) I don't like to comment if things are not relevant to me (i lack knowledge on the subject, disagree, the subject doesn't interest me much or leaves me indifferent).
    Then I truly don't like meaningless comments for the sake of comments like 'love it!', 'beautiful!' etc.. This is senseless and aims at getting a comment back (most probably of the same kind) - so what's the point? I don't know, I think most important is how YOU feel about what you write, do, create, etc. Are you doing this for others? I don't think so... So if there are people that enjoy what you do - wonderful! and it is amazing to share with them and find common interests, even meet them! But those followers collectors adapting their posts to the mass interests.. are they true to themselves? Does a virtual 'no one' appreciating a thing you created mean more than when this is done by our friends and close people? I think this appreciation becomes meaningful only if we have a deeper connection with the person... But then imagine if this is someone who leaves such a comment on every blog they visit just to attract people back to their and feel good about themselves...
    I've seen ridiculously boring blogs with hundreds of followers... and many amazing ones where one can't even leave a comment!

  14. Well I didn't even get this blog update of yours! Honestly the updating on my blog is hopeless. Anyone else have that issue? It can be a whole day or more before I get heaps of them through at once.

    And my followers don't seem to change really at all. Maybe I'm too boring! I don't have them publicly displayed either as I do see it as a competition and I don't like that.

    By the way those heart necklaces are just beautiful! Really well made and perfect for Valentines Day. Love the red one of course!

  15. I used to think it was important...but now I don't worry so much any more. I do try to keep up wherever possible but it can be a losing battle...not enough time and too many interesting posts - I get blog exhaustion... so I just try my best...that is all I can do... xxx


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