Friday, December 4, 2009

White Elephant Swap. Could You be interested?

Whats Up

It's the holidays. Fluffy and I have the White Elephant game in mind. OK, I do, not him.
About White Elephant gift exchange / swap:
“White elephant” refers to a gift whose maintenance cost exceeds its usefulness.Gifts are wrapped, but are not labeled to reflect a specific sender or recipient. Keep it mysterious!Gifts are usually inexpensive, humorous items, or used items from home.The goal of a white elephant swap is for entertainment, not gain.A white elephant gift exchange is a popular holiday party game in the United States.There are many variations in name and game play.
   -Source: Wikipedia,
No need to make, no need to buy;
A White Elephant is already in your home.
And no, don't throw it away --
someone might find better use for it.

Could you be interested in a White Elephant Swap, in January 2010I hope you are!
Do I get your 'yes' ?


  1. Juanita,of course I will join in but..could you please explain me the swap rules in Italian???!!! Ha ha!

  2. I will looove...Since I am a hoarder, I have a lot of white elephant!lol

  3. *waves* me me me.. I have lots of treasures about the house.

  4. Oh heck, can't resist this one, sounds like such a fun idea, so count me in as well.

  5. Oh sounds intereting.Of course i'll join it.I cant wait your anouncement in 2010.

  6. Seems like fun, Juanita! Never done swaps though, so I have a very little idea about what to do next :S Will you help out? :) PLEEEEAAASEEEE :D

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